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The Evolution of Public Libraries Begins Here The Fayetteville Public Library Capital Campaign

The Vision

The $23 million Beyond Words Capital Campaign will almost double the size of the library, adding an additional 82,500 square feet and renovating existing space in order to provide increased access to flexible uses of and a greater collection of spaces within the Fayetteville Public Library.

But it’s how that new space will be used that brings life to the building. That includes more space for children to grow and develop; with more resources and dedicated programming space for hands-on learning and exploring… And a re-imagined teen space to help bridge the gap from adolescence to adulthood; an opportunity to become more independent in their creation of ideas and their own self-development.

Creative programming draws crowds both big and small. An adaptable multi-purpose space will create the right atmosphere for any size gathering – from intimate gatherings to audiences of 700 or more. Likewise, a teaching kitchen will provide catering opportunities for the multipurpose room while also nourishing the mind. Our partnership with local schools will teach students how to be responsible food preparers and food growers.

FPL is pushing boundaries to become a place where visitors can make items and not merely take them. The Innovation and Maker space will provide a foundational education and the basic tools for those who want to explore a new field of study or entrepreneurial enterprise.

Innovative use of outdoor space will allow the library to engage the natural world around us and take the learning environment outside. In the Natural State, technology and nature don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

We help people connect to their past. Our already recognized regional genealogy collection and our expert librarians will have a dedicated area for one of the fastest-growing interest areas in the country.

The Fayetteville Public Library expansion will surpass the expectations about what a library can provide. We did it before with the opening of the Blair Library; now our community has told us they want and need more. As we grow to serve more people, the expansion will prove that dreams are not constrained by space.